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Semiconductor Industries

From: "kgma_news"
Date: October 5, 2008 11:07:42 PM EDT
Subject: [kgma] PGMA, SEIPI celebrate RP's electronic industry's success at SEIPI's 10th anniv

PGMA, SEIPI celebrate RP's electronic industry's success at SEIPI's
10th anniversary

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo joins Monday the Semi Conductors and
Electronic Industries in the Philippines, Inc.(SEIPI) in celebrating
the country's electronics sector's success at the 10th founding
anniversary of the largest and leading organization of electronics
companies in the country.

The SEIPI CEO Forum, an event held every year and is the highlight of
the celebration of October as the Electronics Industry Month, will be
held at the Heroes Hall of Malacanang with no less than the President
as the Guest of Honor and Speaker.

Over 200 guests and participants from government and the electronics
sector are expected to attend the event that will map out measures to
sustain the growth momentum and make the country a strategic choice
for electronics investments.

The movers and shakers in the electronics sector, together with the
government, are expected to discuss measures on how to improve on the
sector's global competitiveness against the backdrop that the melting
down of the US economy has trickled down not only to the Philippines
but has also dampened demand for electronics products and
semiconductors in Europe and Japan.

However, industry leaders see nothing but growth this year.

The electronics sector accounts for 63 percent of the total export
revenue of the country, making it the main driver of the Philippine

It has a workforce of 300,000 and electronic companies sell about P32
billion a year.

According to the National Statistics Office, electronics (which
includes semiconductors), accounts for 59.6 percent of the total
dollar receipts in February this year. This grew by 4.7 percent to
$2.456 billion from $2.346 billion a year ago.

In 2007, investments in the electronics industry nearly doubled the
figure in 2006. At end-December, investments in the electronics sector
reached $1.4 billion or 87 percent more than the $747 million invested
in 2006.

The last time investment in his sector exceeded the $1-billion mark
was seven years ago.

The SEIPI CEO Forum seeks to unite the industry in its mutual causes
and to solve any disparities that may prevent potential promulgation
of success and development for the industry as it brings together the
top honchos of the semiconductor and electronics companies to discuss
the industry's achievements and focus areas as well as future issues
and innovations.

SEIPI President Ernesto B. Santiago will make an introductory
presentation entitled "A Snapshot of the Philippine Electronics Industry".

Arthur Young, SEIPI Chair and PSI Technologies Chair and CEO will give
a stirring presentation on "Scanning the Global Electronics Industry
Environment" which focuses on industry prognosis and projections on
the present low visibility of market demand due to the effect of the
global financial crisis and slowing down of the world's expansion.

Bing Viera, SEIPI Vice Chair and Texas Instruments Philippines
President will talk on "The Industry's Confidence in the Philippines"
which will delve into the latest developments of the much-talked-about
Texas Instruments expansion on their latest production facility in Clark.

Ed Fortunado, SEIPI Vice Chair and Managing Director of Analog Devices
will make a presentation entitled "The Philippines: Moving The
Electronics Industry to the Next Level" that will deal with
competitiveness and concerns/focus areas that would attract more
foreign investors such as Texas Instruments to put faith in the
country as well.

The CEO Forum proper will wrap up with Dan Lachica, SEIPI Treasurer
and Managing Director of First Philec who will speak on "The
Electronics Industry's Corporate Social Responsibility" discussing how
SEIPI, in its strife to uplift the country's position globally, also
remembers to give back to the country and help the Filipino people
achieve better and healthier lives and lifestyles.

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